July 27, 2012

Too early to start crating for the holidays???

The first of August is when we usually write on our Zinnia calendar to start thinking and/or crafting for the up and coming holidays. So, coincidentally, today some customers were chatting with us about the holidays and how some stores stock Christmas so early and it is a little overwhelming (when it is still technically summer) but as we discovered in our conversation that as artist and crafters we need to and should be starting now if we want to be ahead of the game and be READY for the holiday season. A question I have for our readers? Are you ready for holiday crafting? Should we put some stuff out now before Halloween is even here. We have some great vintage embellishments, ephemera and doo dads that we just got in and we would love to share.

So if you are ready to start crafting please let us know. Ironically, while at the market tonight I spotted the first "Holiday Crafts" magazine from Better Homes and Gardens (I am a magazine "lady of the evening" - if you know what I mean). I was ecstatic and slightly giddy.... not only is it the opening day of the Olympics - the first magazine of the holidays has arrived - for me, it is a day to be celebrated. I had my magazine and a glass of wine as I began to slowly peruse it and tearing out all the pages of things I want to make and do and share... and while I am doing that I hear a voice from the other room "don't you want to watch the opening ceremonies" - "no" I am doing my own opening ceremony....thank you. As I browse through this issue I found this article which I wanted to share.

The Blue crochet snowflakes are from the current issue of "Holiday Craft" from Better Homes and Gardens the White crochet snowflakes are from a 1966 issue of "Christmas Helps" from Family Circle (which was only .95) - I loved it... it inspired me even more to get crafting. Are you crafting for the holidays yet? If so, what are you planning to create?

June 05, 2012

Follow Zinnia on Pinterest

Follow us on Pinterest at 'Zinnia 4Crafts'.  Tamara, Tyn, Joey and I contribute to the Zinnia boards.  You can also follow me at 'sukimoonpie', I'm slightly addicted.  You can find the Zinnia boards by going through mine.  See you there.  If you don't know what I am talking about I pasted my post from August 2011

To start you have to go to www.pinterest.com and ask to be invited. All you do is type your email address. In a matter of seconds they respond letting you know that they will let you know when you have been invited. that only takes a day or two. Once you are on you start pinning.

May 28, 2012


Spaces are  still available for 
Michael's classes in June.  

 Samples for the these two workshops arrived at 
Zinnia over the weekend.  Check them out by 
scrolling down or stop by the store and take a look.

1.Via the website: www.zinnia.biz
2. Call store, 626.441.2181
23. Stopping by in person, 1024 Mission Street, South Pasadena

Michael's workshops fill up fast so make sure to sign up soon.  Please go to the Zinnia website for more information about the workshops and supply list.  

June 22, 2012  10am to 5pm 
One Day Workshop
Assemblings of a Mad Watchmaker
Class Description: As you know time keeps on slipping slipping slipping into the
future. Because of this you should do something with it before it leaves completely.
Grab those watches because we are going to dismantle and then remantle them in
strange and peculiar ways. Using processing involving assemblage and painting you
will modify these little devices into something that will bend time. When finished
then can be used as a amulet, medallion or as something strange for your curio cabinet.
It might even be possible for it to keep on ticking after it takes a licking.


 June 23 and 24, 2012
Two Day Workshop
Class Description: In case you were wondering, the fear of ventriloquist’s dummies
is called automatonophobic (which by the way includes the fear of wax dummies and

automatons like Zoltar the fortune teller).   I can understand how ventriloquist

dolls could illicit terror and trepidation; typically they are bit creepy looking.

Remember Anthony Hopkins in the film Magic, whose dummy seemed to have a

villainous will of its own?   Well, in this class, I’m not sure you’ll walk away with

a self-aware dummy but you will learn how to make deMented dolls that are capable

of flapping their jaws.  You start with a mannequin head, doll head, bust, taxidermy

item, etc. and then using various found objects you will adorn and transform them into something rich and strange.  Most importantly, your bizarre creation will be rigged

so that it has the power to speak…hopefully not on it’s own.


May 24, 2012

Weekend Classes:
Kelly Kilmer
Saturday, May 26th 11-3pm
Go to our website for details.  Call the store tomorrow if you are interested.

May 22, 2012

I've been kind of missing in action from Zinnia.  Well, not really, I just took this past weekend off.  Just taking the weekend off makes it feel as though I haven't been there in forever.  I stopped by last night to feed Alley.  I brought Sugar along for the ride and walked him for a while. Alley and Sugar get along fine.  Sugar went right up to her and neither one freaked out.  I also took her some new balls.  There is a particular kind that send her over the top.  Tam and I convinced that they must have an odor because she can smell them when I have them in my handbag.  We have actually seen her seek out my purse then stick half her body in the purse and come out with a new ball. Oh the joys of pets, gotta love them.
While I was at the store I noticed that there is more Zinnia product out.  Have you seen it?  We are making packages and kits of all sorts to inspire the creative juices.  Paper packages, Junque Jars, creature making kits, journal making kits, bundles of ribbon and much more and even more to come.  The idea is for you to make it.  'It' being your own thing.  In the next few months you will see more and more of the Zinnia label products available.  During Valentines we had kits to make your own Valentine cards and Christmas we had kits for making  gift tags. 
We realize that everyone is super busy so we hope that providing you with pre-made packages and kits will help and inspire you.  I will share pix of some of the products in up coming posts.
What are you up to?  What have you created lately?  You are always welcome to send me an email and pictures of your new creations; I'll post them on the blog.  I am especially curious to see art created with treasures found at Zinnia.  Don't be shy.  I'll show you mine if you show me yours... Teee heee heee.  No, seriously... send me some pix, my email is sukimoonpie@gmail.com.  Just write Zinnia in the subject line so I know the email is from a friend and not a foe.

Live in Color!


May 06, 2012

So did you see it?  The Moon?  Aawwww.  Super cool Super Moon.  I didn't take any pictures because they never translate and it's one of those things you have to just witness.

So what's going on at Zinnia.  Aside from constantly moving stuff around to make it all a better space to stimulate creativity.  Well, we are preparing for Michael's classes in June, sure will be nice to see him again.  Such a positive soul. 

Next week Kelly Kilmer will be back at Zinnia to teach"Passionate Declarations".  What do you do when you combine paper, tape, pens and more?  Construct a quick but totally cool journal.  Learn mixed media collage techniques.  Friday, May 11th 11:30am to 2:30pm. See you on Friday Kelly.

On Saturday, May 12th, Paul is teaching "Scrap Happy" 11am to 2pm.  Come and build a book with scraps then personalize it to your heart's desire.

For more information and detailed class descriptions, visit the website by clicking on the link just to the right of this post or go to:  www.zinnia.biz